What is a Sales Funnel? How to create a Sales Funnel in 2021


A sales funnel aka. marketing funnel aka. conversion funnel or purchase funnel is an actual process every visitor goes through following the steps up to the point of becoming a buyer actually buying a product or a service. We’ll dig deeper into how to create a sales funnel in the below article, full of tips and tricks.

Every single business that operates needs a sales funnel. And by having a successful sales funnel you literally guarantee your business success, growth and long-term prosperity.

Now it does sound a little bit too complicated when you just say a sales funnel but it’s actually not as it seems. This is because every single business has its own, unique conversion funnel that has the very same use as everyone else’s.

What is a sales funnel?

The funnel is used by businesses to move leads (prospects) through the stages of their sales process. And those that have successfully moved and gone through all the steps become the customers or clients.

Managing the sales funnel correctly will give you a stream of healthy customers on a consistent basis. And for that, you will need to use a perfectly manageable sales funnel software. 

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What are the phases of a sales funnel?

The Awareness Phase (sales funnel)

The base of understanding what is a sales funnel. This is the phase where your customers become aware of their problems. You want to show them their problems in the first phase and they need to acknowledge actually having a problem to move to the next phase.

Interest Phase (sales funnel)

This is where you need to put a little bit more effort in order to showcase your products in a great manner. Do proper product research so that the customers may find interest in a product or a service you’re offering!

The Evaluation Phase (sales funnel)

Now here comes your ability to hook the potential customers. Because this is when they go to the competitors before landing a buying decision. Hence the evaluation of what’s best for them.

Decision Phase (sales funnel)

Here customers have already made a final decision on which product or a service they want to choose and this is when the negotiation begins. It’s a very important part of the sales funnel.

The Buying Phase (sales funnel)

Probably the most favorite phase of all of the businesses. This is when you’ve actually brought a single visitor through all of the phases above and it finally bought a service or a product from you. This is for many the conversion and money answer on the question what a sales funnel really is and how to get it started.

Up Sell Phase (sales funnel)

It is very crucial to have this last phase in every single sales funnel! Here customers are actually coming back for more or they are buying several things once they bought the original service or a product. Hence the Up-Sell Phase. Many consider this phase in making a customer into a loyal ambassador.

what is a sales funnel and how to make one
Sales Funnel scheme – Evolution between 2019 and 1999

Why would you need a sales funnel?

The main reason why you would need a sales funnel is that you need to understand the behavior your visitors make while scanning through your website. This way you can focus your efforts on a marketing strategy that your business needs the most.

You will gain insights into what your visitors are actually doing before purchasing your product or service, but also, find out what happens with the ones that don’t and actually why they don’t!

This is so important for every single business that sells any service or a product. With a sales funnel you can get intimate with all of your visitors and convey better messages in each phase to get more prospects/buyers.

How to create a sales funnel for your own business?

First of all for any business that wants to create a successful sales funnel you need to have the necessary prospects that you can inspect and learn their behaviour in order to turn them into hot buyers through all of the stages.

Here are some steps you will need to take in order to build a successful sales funnel:

Build a Landing Page

A landing page is a place where you will send all of your visitors the first time. This means that all of the visitors that might be interested in your product or a service will first land on your landing page. Hence the name LandingPage.

You can’t do a business without building a landing page where you can send the first time visitors to and pinpoint their problems and pain they might have offering them a solution they simply cannot refuse!

Create your Landing Page as easy as 1 2 3.

Offer Value

Actually the most important part of any landing page for any kind of a business! Here you must get creative and offer some value to your first time visitors so they can leave their email-address to you. 

You must be able to hook them up to your product or a service by offering them something FREE like an e-book or a whitepaper, anything that will get you their email address. This is called a lead magnet!


Finally, at this point you have your prospects email addresses and you should start nurturing immediately. You mustn’t wait for too long because you might lose your potential customers. 

This is the part where you must become creative and actually craft phenomenal emails that would sell your product or a service.

The best way to do this is to create an email series. Meaning, you send email after email in a consecutive manner but only to the people that actually opened your first email. So, for every person that opens the first email, you send a second one more appealing trying to sell your product or a service.

And for the ones that don’t open it the first time you just change the subject and re-arrange the text to try and hook them up again. 

Up Sell

For this part you need to be able to offer something as an up sell. This means when your customers actually buy the first product or a service immediately offer something extra. 

Usually people that sell products offer 3 for a price of 2, or free shipping on orders of  2 or more products. Anything similar to that would work. 

And for the people that sell a service you can actually put a 30% discount if they order for a whole year, or, extra service for 50% off. You will need to figure out what would work the best for you and your business!

Keep the communication

In the final stage or the action stage (part) you will either find out why the customers don’t want to buy the product or a service, or, you’ll actually land a sale. Either way, just keep sending emails.

Did you know that the new prospects you grabbed an email address from are actually 9 times more likely to CONVERT if you send a follow up email in the first 5 MINUTES?

Yes! So make sure you keep the communication going and make sure you immediately follow up on them as soon as they leave an email address. You can automate lead magnet with this software!

Final Thoughts On A Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel and how to make one will give a different result for any business. But that you need to do this exercise and start making one is 100% sure.
A sales funnel assists you with understanding what the potential clients are thinking and doing at each phase of the buying venture. These bits of knowledge permit you to put resources into the right promoting exercises and funnels, make the most pertinent information during each stage and transform more prospectors into paying clients. 

Now that you’ve done all of the stages and parts from this article your marketing automation tool should start giving you more paying clients in no time. Make sure you do all of the necessary steps in order to convert the visitors into hot buyers.

And you can do this by automating your email system to send out emails instantly to anyone that enters the email address in your lead magnet. This way you can boost your chances of landing a sale by up to 900%! That’s insane, therefore, don’t miss out on it as it’s one of the most important parts of any funnel.

Pictures in this what is a sales funnel and how to make it post by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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